VI is one more layer of eroticism to explore. 


It is a relatively risk and worry free way to feel good. No worries about health, no moral obligations that you may not want to break. It’s interactive pornography. You are the star of our time together. I am your co-star and receive pleasure myself. I have a very high sex drive and I need it fed, also. 


How To Use VI?  

It's very simple. Just reach out to me via email at to schedule a non immediate session or directly by phone for immediate interaction. (Post payment, which only takes a few moments to complete.) 


Please feel free to reach out for private content that is guaranteed to only seen by you. I do not “recycle” private content for any reason. Content is provided by video, photos, voice clips and anything else you may be able to think up. 


 VI is available 24 hours a day. It fits YOUR schedule and YOUR needs.

If you call during non-traditional hours for the Eastern US (after 10 pm and before 8 am) I require 30 minutes to prepare.





Price Structure 

 as of 2/2022


Video: $4 per minute 

Phone: $3 per minute


For custom packages please email


Virtual Intimacy is simply just a way for us to interact without meeting in person.


Not everyone has the pleasure of being able to meet in person, perhaps an illness prevents leaving your home comfortably, or the distance makes it impossible to meet. 

Virtual Intimacy is a way to safely communicate your sexual desires and needs, in the safety of your own home, office, hotel, or other location.


You, your desires and your needs can be met in a judgement free environment with a very willing and capable partner. 


(This is where I tell you I LOVE mutual masturbation and mutual gratification.)

It’s available to any person over the age of 18 (or the age of majority in your state.) 


There is no one type of person that could benefit more than the other from Virtual Intimacy.


It's not uncommon to consider, or even follow through with seeking out someone to fulfill a certain part of your life, and the same can be achieved through VI.